How many times must I forgive
someone who has hurt me?

Local Reconciliation ~ Global Peace

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07/07/07 - World Day of Forgiveness

All Saints Church, Pasadena

132 N. Euclid, Pasadena
July 6 & 7, 2007

Friday - 7:00 - 10:00P

Saturday - 9:00A - 3:00P


Screening July 6


A New Documentary Film by Paul Freedman

Narrated by George Clooney

Discussion with Producer to follow


Local Reconciliation

Global Peace

Ben Kayumba

In His Shoes

Survivor of the Rwandan Genocide and currently Deputy Legal Representative for Solace Ministries, an NGO operating in genocide-ravaged Rwanda.

Kayumba talks of his extraordinary  experiences and forgiveness on the road to personhood. Read more.

Leticia Aguirre

Mother of Raul Aguirre, who was murdered on May 5, 2000 in Glendale by Armenian gang members. An innocent by-stander, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Hear this incredible story of courage and forgiveness, as Mrs. Aguirre pays the ultimate tribute to her son's memory, by ending the violence through forgiveness. She has become a living legend in the local community. Read more.

Vazken Movsesian

Founder and director of In His Shoes Ministries discusses the importance and significance of the "forgiveness formula: 7x77"

As a priest of the Armenian Church, Movsesian draws on the history and background of orthodox tradition to present a working model for peace. "Its not about religion," he says, "But about a complete surrender to the power of love." Forgiveness becomes a means to demonstrate that love. Read more.

Gregory Beylerian

Renowned artist Gregory Beylerian is a creative force within the art world, combining a sense of the sacred with the secular by taping into the most inner recesses of the human psyche.

For Beylerian, this is his second round with the 7x77 formula. In 2005, he composed the picture of Armenian youth standing in the desert, in a symbol of solidarity and lasting forgiveness. Read more.

Linda MaxwellCo-founder and Executive Director of We Care for Youth, brings her love and compassion for young people and humanity in general to this forum. With decades of experience in social work, caring for the most precious youth of the community, she will facilitate the building of a mandala. By using this ancient archetype, participants will have an opportunity to touch a piece of forgiveness that is bigger than the self. Read more.




    Join us for a two day forum on Forgiveness, taking place in Pasadena, California. On July 6&7, 2007, the In His Shoes Ministries will be hosting one of its most significant events thus far - "Local Reconciliation; Global

Screening - July 6


A New Documentary Film

by Paul Freedman

Narrated by George Clooney

Peace: A Forum on Forgiveness." The event will follow up years of intense planning and development.


July 7,  2007 - Local Reconciliation: Global Peace

 All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena is the venue for the two day conference featuring speakers and the screening of Sand & Sorrow, a new documentary on Darfur by Paul Freedman and narrated by George Clooney.

    Speakers from an international backdrop will highlight the conference. Each will share a unique story and message about Forgiveness:

  • Benjamin Kayumba - survivor of the Rwandan Genocide (1994) confronts the rapist & murderer of his parents.

  • Leticia Aguirre - mother of Raul Aguirre, who was slain in street gang warfare, pardons her son's murderer during the courtroom trial

  • Fr. Vazken Movsesian - lays out a plan for forgiveness that transcends the personal and affects the global, with examples from a pure orthodox vantage point.

  • Gregory Beylerian - artist and creator of the acclaimed 7x77 art piece (2005), provides the means for global embodiment of forgiveness.

  • Linda Maxwell - Co-Executive Director of We Care For Youth, brings together the community for a Mondala for Peace.

Registration: $25 includes materials and lunch. Forms/Reservations will be available on June 1.

See the video on YouTube

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: This Happens only ONCE every Hundred years...