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Leticia Aguirre

is the mother of Raul Aguirre, who was murdered in Glendale by Armenian gang members. An innocent by-stander, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Hear this incredible story of courage and forgiveness, as Mrs. Aguirre pays the ultimate tribute to her son's memory, by ending the violence through forgiveness. She has become a living legend in the local community.

Excerpts from Mrs. Aguirre's story:

May 5th of 2000 was an ordinary day.  My children had gone to school.  Around 4pm, as I was preparing dinner, I became worried that Raul hadnít come home yet.  Since he started work at 5pm, he would usually come home, change, eat, then go to work.  Suddenly, the phone rang.  It was a call from [Raulís] school, notifying me that Raul was hurt in a fight outside of the school.  I was horrified and even thought that this was a mistake, that it wasnít Raul.  I had never before received any complaints from school about Raul getting into trouble.  On the contrary, he was a very quiet boy, even a bit timid.

 We rushed to the hospital, not thinking that the situation could be so grave.  Upon arrival, the doctor told us that Raul had been seriously injured.  He had been stabbed twice in the back and twice in the heart.  The doctor said that they were operating, but there was little hope.  Three hours later, he died....

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