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07/07/07 - World Day of Forgiveness


Ben Kayumba is Field Activities Coordinator for Solace Ministries as well as Deputy Legal Representative for the Trusty Committee . Solace Ministries is one of the NGOs working in Genocide-devastated Rwanda, specifically tending to widows and orphans.


Kayumba is a native of Rwanda. In 1994 he lost both his parents and 152 members of his family in the Genocide which lasted 100 days. He tells his story and the powerful means by which forgiveness has allowed him to cope with the trauma and pain. He has worked with Compassion International for 10 years as a Sponsorship Program Coordinator and eight years as a Program Facilitator. He has escaped death on several occasions and has earned the Service Award and Certificate of Merit from Compassion International.


He is married to Stephanie Uwumuremyi, who will be traveling with Ben to the In His Shoes Forum. He has four children: one boy and three girls. 


Join us in honoring this true example of Christian love. Registration: $25 includes materials and lunch.  Register Today

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