How many times must I forgive
someone who has hurt me?

Local Reconciliation ~ Global Peace

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 is the Co-founder and Executive Director of We Care for Youth, an organization which as offered unconditional love as the path and leadership training, character education and employment training as the vehicles toward improving youths' self-respect and competency.

Maxwell brings her love and compassion for young people and humanity in general to this forum. She will facilitate the building of a mandala.

Mandala is an ancient archetype to describe and touch the cosmos. Each indigenous culture has some form of mandala in their history...labyrinth, circles, Aztec calendars. Additionally, mandalas are everywhere in nature representing balance, congruity, peace, harmony.

In this ceremony, participants will use the mandala to hold their forgiveness and then set it free, sending it into the universe in the form of love and beauty.

Join us at a Forum on Forgiveness. Registration: $25 includes materials and lunch.  Register Today


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MARK YOUR CALENDAR: This Happens only ONCE every Hundred years...




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