How many times must I forgive
someone who has hurt me?

Local Reconciliation ~ Global Peace

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For July 7th 2007, artist Gregory Beylerian will be constructing a photo booth at the two-day forum on Forgiveness located in Pasadena, CA. The photo booth is designed to photograph each forum participant in a "stance of forgiveness" one at a time. Beylerian will then utilize each photograph to construct / weave a new work of art that will present the nature of forgiveness as a possibility of infinite potential. 

The concept is to present the principle of forgiveness as a manifest of human capacity that has mathematical and divine spiritual qualities.  Using iconographic symbolism, Beylerian will construct the formula of forgiveness to be depicted as an act of  one individual's power of will influencing, inspiring, transforming, collaborating, connecting with other people's intention to the degree of infinite dimension.

The Power of Forgiveness.

For Beylerian, this is his second round with the 7x77 formula. In 2005, he composed the picture of Armenian youth standing in the desert, in a symbol of solidarity and lasting forgiveness. (See and read) The photo-artwork, which was strategically produced on Armenian Genocide Commemoration day that year, will be exhibited throughout the Forum.


Join us for this Forum on Forgiveness. Registration: $25 includes materials and lunch.  Register Today

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: This Happens only ONCE every Hundred years.




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